New Membership and Membership Renewal Application

Membership Dues Schedule

  • New Member (individuals that have never been a NARA member in the past)
    • $65 available anytime during the membership year
  • Renewal
    • Submitted and paid anytime while holding a current membership
      • $65 for all renewals processed before December 31st
    • Submitted and paid during the grace period allowed in the bylaws
      • $85 full fee for renewals processed before January 31st
    • Submitted and paid after the grace period, the bylaws penalty applies
      • $100 full fee plus lapsed membership penalty

Fees must be paid online via PayPal or by Credit Card (PayPal Account not required).  On line payment is the fastest way to get your membership active as you do not have to wait for the mail to get to us. All applications require a signature. Any application returned with agreement unsigned will not be processed.

Any questions related to the status of your application should be directed to the NARA Treasurer at

If renewal, Member #:
First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Primary Phone: Alternate Phone: Cell Phone: Occupation:
E-mail Address:
Date Needed By: (format 2012-01-30)

Ring Club Affiliation (If left blank, you will be listed as Independent):
Are you interested in joining a NARA Committee? May we share your info with other NARA Members?
Membership to the NORTH AMERICAN RING ASSOCIATION includes the following:
1. NARA newsletters.
2. The opportunity to participate in all membership votes.
3. The opportunity to compete in NARA trials.
4. The opportunity to purchase scorebooks for eligible dogs. (Eligible dogs are those that do not have an existing scorebook from an organization recognized by NARA. If your dog already has a scorebook from a recognized organization, please use the existing scorebook. You may not obtain a NARA scorebook if a recognized scorebook is already being used. (Contact a Board Member if you have any questions about this.)
1. I understand that my participation in this organization and its activities is at my own risk. I shall not hold NARA, its officers or its members responsible for damage that may occur to my person, dog(s) or property as a result of NARA-sanctioned activities.
2. I agree to comply immediately with any BOD direction to return any NARA property in my possession under penalty of NARA and/or legal sanctions.
3. I understand that the training and competing of my dog(s) is solely for the purpose of the sport. No other intended purpose is expressed or implied.
4. I understand that I am fully responsible for my actions and that of my dog(s) and I agree to keep my dog(s) properly restrained and under reasonable control at all functions.
5. All information that I submit to NARA is true and accurate.
6. I understand that withholding or falsifying information submitted to NARA may result in corrective action and/or penalty against me and/or my dog(s). I shall not hold NARA, its officers or its members responsible for actions that may occur as a result.
7. I understand that NARA Rules shall be determined by the Board of Directors and are based on International Ring Regulations.
8. I have read and I understand the NARA Rules, Directives, Bylaws, and Policies, and I agree to abide by them.
Signature of Applicant: Print Name: Date:
Electronic Signature: By typing your name above (under print name) and checking this box you are stating you are the person above, and that you have read and agree to all 8 statements on this application, and that all information supplied is accurate to the best of your knowledge:     (THIS BOX MUST BE CHECKED FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE ACCEPTED!)

Note: your membership is not active until your dues have been paid in full.

Use the Note field below to enter any special information, such as if payment will be from an PayPal account not tied to your name, any special processing needs, etc.

You may want to save a copy of this form for your records before you hit submit.

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